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Do you have a house in Texas and need to sell it imminently? Is it located in a bad area? We buy houses in good areas and we buy them in bad areas too! Is your house in a flood zone or close to any other hazards? We buy houses regardless of any risk that other buyers have turned you down for. As a matter of fact, we often buy houses that sellers have failed to find buyers for. Another reason we come in possession of houses is due to buyers backing out for any number of reasons. 

Usually, buyers use a traditional lender and those lenders are very picky about the type of house they will lend on. We don’t use traditional lenders so we don’t have those obstacles. We pay cash which allows us to buy houses as-is where is. Meaning, if your house is rundown and in a poor area or is sliding down a hill or partially submerged by the tide, we can still buy it! We only need to answer to ourselves and we always buy when the price is right!

Here we have assembled a partial list of cities where we buy houses. These are all major cities but we also buy in rural areas too. If you don’t see your particular town listed here, do not fret. We still want to buy it. But, if you are not sure about selling to us, we can still provide a free no-obligation quote to buy your house, whether you choose to sell to us is a different story. For now, please call us and we can make you a cash offer. We can also explain to you the reason behind the the offer. Or, you can go here, where we explain how we calculate our offers.