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We Texas Houses For Cash Vs. Listing With an Agent

The Texas seller market is quite competitive. Hence, we suggest you weigh all options and stick to one that makes sense in your situation. We can’t offer you market value for your home because we are real estate investors. But even though the market might provide you with more cash, is it always the best in your case? You are about to find out. Dive into the comparison chart below to understand your choices.


Listing with an agent

SOLD to We Buy Texas Houses.

Is a home appraisal necessary?

Yes, it’s essential

Not needed.


Seller pays 4-6% in commissions to agents.

None– you won’t pay a dime

Who settles closing fees?

2% closing costs hinged on the seller

None– we pay all costs

Inspection and financial contingency*

Sale is prone to failure due to contingencies

Nothing of such

Who pays for repairs?

Negotiated during shows, but the responsibility tilts toward the seller.

Leave the repairs to us

Average days till closing 

+/- 100 days

Instant cash offer and one-week sale timeline 

Deciding the closing date

30-60 days after a seller accepts bid

Any date you decide


Numerous potential buyers attend showings

It’s just us.

Choose The Option That Achieves Your Goals

Are you looking for a fast, easy or guaranteed sale? Or, are you looking to get top dollar for your home? Weigh your options closely and decide what works best for you. If you can’t decide, please call us for a no-obligation chat. We have your interest at heart because we don’t want you to regret your choice later. We always make recommendations based on your specific situation. Only about 10% of sellers actually sell to us! The other 90% we refer to real estate agents! Although listing on market gets you more money, selling to us provides benefits like:

Zero Hassle

From start to finish, our process promotes simplicity. You won’t break a sweat while selling us. Unlike the grueling lifestyle the MLS offers, we understand that when life may have done you a number. Now, all you need is a blissful way to get out of your situation. A simple way you’ll get it!

Close Fast

We close quickly based on your time frame. You can eliminate your headaches and worries within 7 or at most 14 days!

Guaranteed Sale

If you accept our offer, we can guarantee that we can close in your time frame. If we are in any way unsure, we can have a final answer in days.

Skip Showings and Staging

You don’t have to deal with strangers traipsing your home. Nor do you have to clean your house in preparation for the investigation. 

So, what’s it going to be? The traditional route or We Buy Texas Houses for Cash?

Get started by requesting a fair cash offer today!

    Our offers are free, and there is no obligation!

    We promise you, we want to buy your house! Just a few more details and we can start preparing your offer… Or, call (512) 686-6776‬ …



    Inspection contingency: Permits a buyer to back out of a sale or negotiate the price if the home is in terrible condition or needs repairs. 

    Financial contingency: A buyer can avoid the sale agreement entirely if they can’t secure a loan for the house. 

    We Buy Texas Houses can guarantee a close because we don’t rely on the bank for loans. You’ve got nothing to worry about.